"The lyrics that feel the most personal to me in "We Made It" are probably 'Don't know why they put all of this on us when we were so young."

- Louis for Build Series in New York City, answer to a fan.

One month and a half after the success of his last record, "Kill My Mind", Louis goes on and introduces his new song that follows suit, entitled "We Made It". If the interpretation of the song remains very personal, Louis keeps precising that it firstly aimed to directly address the fans. "We Made It". Though, the lyrics seem to talk about a complicated relationship with lots of issues. Always remaining honest and simple, Louis unveils in this new track the most intimate side of himself and talks freely about something that feels very personal to him. Moving and real, this is how you could describe this new music that immediately gets a huge success by the fans. Regarding his promotion, Louis invested himself a lot: 14 pre-listening parties have been set up by national radios and Sony offices in different countries all over the world, in which some lucky fans have been able to take part, with a very special reward: a Skype call with Louis himself!

The single is a new success and climbs up the charts up to number 1 in many countries, including the United States. As per usual, the fans prove their ingeniosity to promote "We Made It" as it deserves to be. The third song of this "trilogy" that you can also watch through the many music videos should be "Don't Let It Break Your Heart", which Louis already performed in Madrid for the CCME in September 2019.

The music video for "We Made It" has been released on the same day than the song, October 24th 2019. It shows the story of the couple that had been filmed for the "Kill My Mind" music video, both partly filmed in Southend. To watch it, click here!

Louis performs his new song for the first time in New-York City during his Celebrity Session at SiriusXM's radio. The video gives an acoustic version very moving to watch here.

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