"I needed to get this off my chest. I used to lean on my Mum for a lot of things - every time I needed an advice, she was the fist one I called."

- Louis pour BBC

After more than a year of waiting, Louis comes back on March 7th 2019 with his new single, Two Of Us. The music is softer and calmer as the three previous ones wthat he had produced, the lyrics are even stronger. The song is an ode to Johannah, Louis' late mum, who passed away from leukemia back in 2016, and about the grief that followed. Louis opens up about his feelings, his emotions and his way to go on with his life. The song is welcomed with lots of emotion by the fans and the critics who mention his strength and his bravery. Just a few days before the release of the song, Louis organizes a sort of treasure hunt through the whole world for his fans via his social medias: more than 140 hotspots hidden in the whole world to unlock and to reveal an interview about the story of the song. A nice promotion much appreciated by the fans who unlocked all the videos only in a few hours.

The emotion that went through the song makes it a huge success as soon as it is out. Two Of Us gets the first spot on the iTunes charts in the USA and worldwide in the few hours following its release. The single is also featured in the recommendations of The Oprah Magazine: "22 best Mother's Day Songs".It is sacred by every critic and the fans make it a personal hymn. 

On the day of its release, Louis also releases a lyric video on his YouTube Channel for "Two Of Us" on which he writes the lyrics on a paper. Watch it here.

On the very evening of March 7th 2019, Louis performs his new single for the first time live in front of a small group of fans in London. This performance is aired live on YouTube at the same time. You can watch it or watch it again here.

Wishing to give a real sense to his lyrics, Louis gets closer to Richard, a man who lives in Sheffield and who lost his wife after years of fighting Alzheimer. During a whole day, he made his dreams come true: rollercoasters, racing cars, helicopter, etc... Watch the meeting of two very special people here.

In a black and white music video, simple and honest, Louis sits at the piano to make his late mum's wishes come true. The video says it all, tell everything about the loss of someone dear, the process of grief, and the progressive comeback to life. Watch the music video here.

To release the fourth studio single, fans get invited to join Louis in a secret location in London for a special performance that airs at the same time on YouTube. Louis performs his new single for the first time live with a significant and sincere emotion that moved the fans who were there and those watching behind their screens. Watch it here.

On May 4th 2019, Louis comes back up on stage for the first time since the tragic decease of his sister Félicité, at the occasion of the Free Hits Radio Live Festival in Birmingham in England. He first performs his single "Just Hold On" before covering one of One Direction's successes on their album Midnight Memories, "Little Black Dress", before ending his set with Two Of Us. Watch the performance here.