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After three years of a solo career mainly dedicated to the writing of his upcoming album [expected at the end of 2019], Louis already gave his fans four various singles, very different from each other on a musical plan. Back in October 2017, Louis releases "Just Like You", a song he said was meant to be "only for his fans", since it won't get any promotion and won't be counted as a single. 

During the promotion of his last single "Two Of Us" [available on every legal streaming platform and YouTube since March 7th, 2019], Louis described his lyrics as honest and sincere. He also indicated that his album would be a time travel through the last past two years of his life. 

Musically, Louis recently explained that his different featurings [with Steve Aoki on "Just Hold On" in 2016 and with Bebe Rexha on "Back To You" in 2017] had especially helped him explore completely different musical universer, one more "dance" and the other one more basic. Those various influences supported him in the making of his own style, that he wants very personal. Born a perfectionist, Louis refuses to comply to the "radio" sounds that sometimes are too commercial or simple to his own taste. He said that it was a quality he admired about his bandmate, Harry Styles, with his successful songs that aren't necessarily the type you "usually hear on the radio". Besides, he hinted that the sounds of "Two Of Us" mostly represent the style of his upcoming album. 

Louis is the main author of the band One Direction (with more than thirty songs he wrote as a band member). In a recent interview, he declared that he had quickly realized he had to write to feel relevant inside of the band. "I always pushed for the band to write as much as we could.", he recently declared for iNews. "Probably two years in, I felt like I was treading water a bit,” he recalls. “I didn’t really feel like I had a solid place – what was I contributing? There were some sad times like that, so I said to myself: ‘I wanna pick myself up and be the most prolific writer in the band.’ Out of the most emblematic songs he's ever written for One Direction, we can quote "Home" [from the EP 'Home'], Love You Goodbye [Made In The AM], or the energetic No Control [Four]. 

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