"I wrote this song at a time of my life when I was going out to party every night. Looking back at it, I was a bit stupid at the time and I was just following the trends."

- Louis for MTV

"Miss You" is Louis' third solo single released on December 1st 2017. It also is the first track on which Louis is alone to sing without any other artist featuring. Miss You tells the story of a young normal man who goes out a lot at night, sometimes unreasonably, and who realizes that he misses someone. The song changes from the previous styles of "Just Hold On" and "Back To You" and gets an immediate success by the fans who are crazy about it. He goes back to the X Factor stage to perform it for the first time live. The music video for Miss You is out a week later, on December 8th 2017. It shows Louis partying a lot, accompanied by his sister and his friends. The staging reminds of the honesty of Louis' lyrics.

Miss You is once again a success for Louis: it gets high in the top of the charts of 17 countries wordwide. The critics are rave and flattering towards the song they think sounds 100% like Louis, and is a true party ode to pop and dancing sounds, that contains true and sincere lyrics about the effect of late and alcoholic nights. 

Miss You's music video is out on December 8th 2017. It shows Louis in intimate moments of his life, shared by his loved ones. Watch it here.

On December 2nd 2017, the next day after the official release of the song, Louis goes back to the X Factor for the final to perform his new track. Watch his performance here.

On December 19th 2017, Louis arrived dressed as a Prince on the red carpet of the Royal Variety, welcomed by Kate Middleton in person. He performerd his new single on stage in front of the royal family. Watch his performance here. 

On November 9th 2017, Louis goes up on stage of KEY103 Live Festival on which he performs for the first time and in exclusivity Miss You. Watch his performance here.