"The fans have seen so many things, and they know us so well, but I never got the chance to be this honest with my music. So it was very refreshing. It was just important for me to write a song that could make me as human as possible, and that the fans could understand that I'm just like them - honest, vulnerable and real."

- Louis for Beats Radio 1.

"Just Like You" is Louis' third solo song, released on October, 12th 2017. Louis briefly tells the issues he's got on Twitter with his management and his old team, with whom he has to fight to be able to share the song. It won't be a single, but simply what Louis calls "a gift for the fans". Being unable to promote the song, Louis explains in recent interviews that it has a special spot in his heart and in his album. He tells everything about his wish to write honest lyrics, which he thinks is very important in "Just Like You". This track isn't meant to make people cry but is made to denounce the dark sides of the music industry on one hand, and on the other hand it is to show that the "dream life" some fans imagine is not always what we believe.

The promotion not being made by Louis' teams, the fans decide to put up everything they have for the song to still have a success. Thanks to a lyric video and many legal streaming platforms, the song still climbs up the charts to end up at the top of them in 8 countries worldwide, showing the devotion of Louis' fans for him. 

Even though no music video has been made for Just Like You, a lyric video has been created. None of the articles has been rendomly picked. Open your eyes and watch it here.

On November 9th 2017, Louis goes up on stage of the #KEY103 live festival organized by a radio. Watch his only live performance on Just Like You by clicking here.