" I remember asking my Mum. "Mum, how do you expect me to do that now?" And she didn't swear often, my mum. She was always telling me off for swearing. And this time, she told me: "You have to fucking do it. This is as simple as this."

- Louis for The Guardian

Just Hold On is the first solo single of Louis Tomlinson, released on December 10th, 2016. The lyrics are particularly touching, talking about life and the loss of someone dear... Which was a very personal theme to Louis, having lost his mum Johannah Deakin from leukemia on December 7th 2016. Being very close to her, the loss had been a shock for him. On December 10th 2016, Louis decides to go up on stage for the X Factor UK Final to release the song through a live performance. Steve Aoki decides to cancel a showcase in Las Vegas to miw the song on stage with him. Physically weakened and teary-eyed, Louis delivers a very moving performance, supported by Niall, Liam and Harry who were there, and Zayn who then tweeted: "Love you, Bro! All of your family is in my prayers! I'm proud of your strength and I know your mum is too."

The song has an immediate success, climbing up the charts to the first spot in the US only a few minutes after its release. Just Hold On will then be certified Gold in the US (500K singles sold), in the UK (400K), in France (70K), in Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Ireland and Switzerland. It will also be certified Platinum in Australia, Canada, Italy and Sweden.

Just Hold On's music video is out on March 8th 2017. It tells the story of two young people who find themselves in a kind of time machine, referencing to the lyrics "Wish that you could build a time machine" sung by Louis in the first words of the song. Watch it here..

On Saturday, December 10th 2016, Louis goes up on stage of the X Factor to perform his new single, accompanied by his friend Steve Aoki. A very moving performance that you can find here..

On March 27th 2017, Louis and Steve go up on stage of the electro music festival "Ultra" in Miami. A performance Louis yet remembers as one of the most incredible he's everd made, being a huge fan of festivals. Watch their performance here..

In January 2017, Louis and Steve reunite once again for a performance of Just Hold On on stage of the Today Show, a famous american talk show. Watch their performance here..

"You'll always be my favourite." Those are the kind words James Corden had told Louis during one of his appearances in the show with the band back in May 2015. To prove it, James invited Louis and Steve to come perform their single on stage of his american show in February 2017. Watch their performance here.