"She's a great girl, yeah, really fun. It's been a good way for me to reintroduce myself in the industry, so I felt good. And this way, I didn't remain married to a special type of music, I wasn't staying in a pop style all the way, with the collaboration with Steve and now with Bebe."

- Louis for Billboard

Back To You is Louis Tomlinson's second solo single, featuring the albanese-american singer Bebe Rexha, released on July 21st 2017. About this music, Louis admits that the lyrics don't have the same importance to him as his other titles. The sounds more "pop" and less "dance" than "Just Hold On" throw Louis back in a completely different musical universe and allow him to explore other kinds of muic. He reveals in oe of his 2019 interview that both of his collabs allowed him to define more concretly the sounds he wanted to produce himself and on his own. If Back To You's lyrics talk about missing someone by our side who's not necessarily a good person for us, Louis clarified in an interview that at the moment of its release that they didn't describe his personal life. The whole gives a very nice music with two different and special voices. A real bop. 

Louis and Bebe know an immediate success: four weeks after its release, Back To You already counts more than 50 million streams on Spotify, and is at the top of the selling charts on iTunes. The single will be sold more than one million times and will be certified as Platinum, as well as in Australia. It will also be certified as Gold in Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

Filmed in Doncaster, Louis' childhood and favourite city, Back To You's music video represents him and Bebe Rexha in many corners of the city, sometimes accompanied by Charlotte, Louis' sister, and some of his friends. Watch it here.

Used to Jimmy Fallon's show ever since the first glory hours of One Direction, Louis went back with Bebe Rexha in August 2017 to perform their new hit. Watch their performance here. 

Which best stage as one of an award ceremony to release a song? On August 13th 2017, Louis and Bebe perform on stage of the Teen Choice Awards, the first time for him since 2013. He then wins the award for Best Male Artist of the Year. Watch their performance here.

On September 22nd 2017, Bebe Rexha and Louis meet once again to share the stage of the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas. Watch their performance here.

On September 23rd 2017, Louis and Bebe go up on stage at the iHeart Daytime VIllage for another incredible performance! Click here to watch it!

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