1883 Magazine + Louis Tomlinson = 100% of happiness!

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1883 Magazine Drive's next issue for August has already been all the rage with Louis Tomlinson's fans community. Indeed, after the singer of "Two Of Us" posted something on Instagram on July 11th, the news became official. Throwback to a few weeks of expectation.

A very highly expected interview

Ever since the new issue of 1883 Magazine has been announced, social media got on fire, expecting a new interview, some new music. A few hours after the opening of the pre-orders, 1883's Instagram account informed us that the issue was the fastest-selling they had ever known.

However the waiting has been actually well managed by 1883's team (very active on social media), with regular tweets and contact with the fans. (images below). Some unseen pictures of the shoot have been unveiled by 1883's Twitter account (@1883Magazine), and also by their official photographer for the shoot on Instagram, Jack Alexander. Those photographs have increased the enthusiasm fans had already shown and are yet available on sale (poster type) on 1883's website. 

Proving once again their will to be close to the fans, 1883 Magazine shared some hints on what was upcoming in the interview. The account also complimented Louis a lot after their collaboration. Finally, they gifted some fans a poster thanks to their RT Deals.*

*RT Deals: giveaway that rewards people when they reach a certain amount of Retweets.

Une équipe dévouée et bienveillante

As previously said, the collaboration between 1883 and Louis only spreads good and human vibes that warm up our hearts. Either we're talking about the lovely founder and editor of the magazine Jay Mitchell, who's also the Community Manager; the photographer or the US music editor, their kindness goes through every tweet and exchanged message. 

Particularly careful with the fans, each person who's been previously quoted has been devoted and multiplied their exchanges with Louis' community. 

"All I can say is that it’s best Louis feature I have seen, the team and Jack have done an amazing job.", Jay Mitchell confirmed with @28tinytommo on Twitter.

"He was really easy to work with.", Jack Alexander, the photographer, told me via Instagram DMs. " He's very laid back, and polite to everybody on set. :) He made sure to say hello to everyone on the team." 

During a very lovely chat with Naureen Nashid, the US Music editor of the magazine, she tells me she's a fan of One Direction and also enjoyed working with Louis. "He's the sweetest boy!", she writes with enthusiasm. "We thought it was important to put out a feature with Louis where he was respected and we focused on things his fans would want to read and not what the media thinks we want to read."

A few info about 1883 Magazine

1883 Magazine is an independant magazine created in November 2010 by Jay Mitchell, who's also its main editor. It aimed to become both paper and digital press for its readers. The different issues bring the latest news about fashion, music, beauty, travels, movies and art. 

The topics are being treated differently, making the magazine unique: traditional articles, photoshoots, videos and news. 

In an interview for Fashion Monitor, Jay Mitchell qualifies 1883's readers as "eclectic". Indeed, their audience goes from 16 to 35+ years old people, depending on the issue, and all over the world. "One thing that unites all of them [the readers] is their passion for the talent we feature." Mr. Mitchell also compares the digital and paper versions of the magazine to streaming an artist online and seeing them live. 

The reputation of the magazine has been made by its innovative concept, its double release [paper and digital], but also its inspirations and its unique design directly elaborated from the "Grunge" look of the '90s, according to Jay Mitchell. The fact that every issue is completely different from another only makes the magazine more unique. [Read more about the interview of Jay Mitchell for Fashion Monitor here.]

In conclusion, 1883 is a magazine with various content, in which anyone can recognize themselves in an article or an image... We 100% recommend it to you!

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